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'Valhalla' Daredevils Show Off In Naked Skiing & Snowboarding Sequence

So naked skiing is a thing? Who knew?

Frostbite on our naughty bits would be our primary deterrent from participating in that activity, but more power to the castmembers of Valhalla who are going all-in during this naked skiing and snowboarding sequence. 

It's NSFW, but we're pretty sure the cold weather is solving any impropriety problems! (Except for with the women!)


Patagonia presents the ski film and the synopsis reads, in part:

With hard-hitting ski and snowboard action complimenting a more narrative-driven approach than our past films, or perhaps any other ski movie before it, we follow one man's escape into the Northern woods, and his wild journey towards satisfaction, understanding, and love in some of the deepest snows on earth.

Have any of you tried your hand at naked skiing or snowboarding, Instincters?

(H/T: The Gaily Grind)