Vandals Deface Pride Crosswalks In Canada, Twice In Three Days

Photo: Levi Cox/Facebook

Terrible, that this would happen during LGBT Pride month.

Vandals have defaced two pride crosswalks in Lethbridge, Alberta, twice in three weeks.

The crosswalks had been painted in the colors of the pride rainbow, and trans pride flag, just last week.

Levi Cox, the chairman of last year’s Lethbridge Pride, said on Facebook:

"I was sad, I was like, is this where we’re really at?"

A clean up crew has been hard at work to restore the painted crosswalks. 

CBC reports:

A substance that police initially described as "tar and manure" was dumped on the Lethbridge Pride crosswalk on Thursday but, after investigating further, police said it was actually black paint that had been strewn across the colourful street crossing.

What police at first believed to be manure turned out to be peat moss that had been used by an early-morning cleanup crew in an attempt to soak up the paint.

It was the second time this week that crosswalks meant to celebrate Lethbridge's LGBT community were damaged, as the city prepares for its ninth annual Pride Fest, which gets underway Friday.

"If this was something that was done deliberately to target Pride Fest and its members, it is incredibly disappointing to see a segment of our community treated with such disrespect," said Mayor Chris Spearman.

"Lethbridge is a welcoming, inclusive city, and the act of one or two ignorant people doesn't change that."

According to Gay Star News, the trans flag crosswalk is the first one to be painted in the world.

Lethbridge Pride begins today, June 16, and will end with a parade on June 24.

We wish our friends in Alberta a happy and safe LGBT pride!

H/T: Gay Star News