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Vatican Forces Rome Gallery To Take Down Exhibit Of Gay Couples Kissing

Despite Pope Francis's desire to have his church divert its obsession with gay culture to an issue that's more pressing for Christianity (hmmm, I don't know, the poor, sick and famished around the world, maybe?) the Vatican has flexed its municipal muscle to have a photo exhibit featuring gay couples kissing in church taken down. Looks like the Catholics are still obsessed with a war on gays

Pink News reports:

The photography series by Gonzalo Orquin, had been due to open at the Galleria L’Opera beginning on Wednesday evening. The photographer said the gallery had received a legal notice from the Vatican, and that he and the gallery had decided to cover up the photographs.

“A letter arrived from the Vicariate of Rome, an organization that is part of the Vatican, which said the church is against the exhibition. I spoke to lawyers and for security reasons we decided not to show the photos,” Orquín told The Local.

The Vicariate admitted sending the threatening letter, and said the exhibition “could harm the religious sentiment of the faithful”. The Vicariate is an organisation which helps Pope Francis carry out his duties as Bishop of Rome.

A Vatican official claimed that the exhibit was affront to the Italian Constitution. 

“Italian constitutional law safeguards an individual’s religious feeling and the function of places of worship," the official said. “Therefore photos that are not suitable and do not conform to the spirituality of the place offend and infringe upon the advancement of man in the particular place for the expression of faith.”

In other words, despite Pope Francis's PR spin, gays are still not welcome in the Catholic Church. 




The Vatican should do this.


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Is this an example of "homosexual propaganda"?  Atheistic Russia and the Catholic Church make strange bedfellows.

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