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The Vatican's Hottest REAL Priests Are On Display In 2014 'Roman Priest Calendar'

While photographer Piero Pazzi's "Roman Priest Calendar" isn't serving up the salaciousness of the Orthodox Priest calendar, it does have one thing going for it:

Pazzi assures us his priests are real!

And they are GORGEOUS. So what's got these sexy holy men stepping in front of Pazzi's lens?

According to The Local:

But the Venice-based photographer behind the calendar, Piero Pazzi, insists the portraits are purely intended to promote the Eternal City and inform visitors about the Vatican.

They are all genuine priests, usually snapped in Rome during Holy Week, he tells The Local. He also travels to Seville to capture clergymen during the Spanish city’s Holy Week procession.

“I meet most of them on the streets in Rome and ask to take their photos,” he says.

The priests do not supply their name but “most are happy to be photographed after I tell them the reason for the calendar,” adds Pazzi, who launched the calendar in 2003.

“I do the same in Seville. Yes, the men are good-looking, but it is just a product, a way for people to be better informed about the Vatican.”

Inform us, Pazzi!! Keep us informed all day, every day!!

You can order the calendar here, or if you happen to conveniently be strolling by the Vatican, drop off 10 Euros to one of the vendors and be on your merry way!


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nice description........salute!

That comment was just brilliant!

hahahahahahah!!!! Good one!

You made me laugh so hard!!! More like bwa hahahaha!

i bet most of them are GAY anyways so why bother?

a) I don't see why you're using gays as a derogatory term, and

b) it's not like we're going to screw them or plan to have kids with them, they're just basically eye candy

wont even use this f calendar to wipe down my dog's asshole 

why don't you wipe yours my friend ??? 

Lord Y U DO DIS? Haha kidding love you xD but seriously?! What's left for us?! :)))))))))

Are the calendar pages guaranteed to be glossy non-stick?

no... you have to laminate them yourself

wait... hold on one fucking minute.

The Vatican released a calendar that more or less - sexualizes the clergy - and then screams at people about getting horny?

Fuck this shit. I quit the species.  You're all a bunch of fucking morons.

except you're the moron, the vatican didn't release this. this is a photographer isn't affiliated with the church, just snapped these guys.

i pray you are blessed with literacy AMEN

But the Vatican DOES sell these calendars inside the Vatican museum.  They were on sale there when we toured the museum in January.

Sex really is in the eye of the beholder.

Sexualizes?  Are you goofy?  This is about beauty and people.  Relax or you'll be the one looking like a moron and you don't want that.

Just because ur a priest ur not suppose to be a good looking man, like our Creator, we r all beautiful because our Creator was wonderful, its even beautiful behind description.

I think it's the uniforms and not their faces that make them hot.

Do you know, I couldn't care less who believes what - I believe in an "each to their own" approach and to let that be an end to it. I choose to respect that everyone has their own religious standpoint, their own opinions and their own journeys to take through life. Just because they differ from mine, doesn't make them wrong. I am neither a follower of faith nor an atheist; I am however very deeply spiritual and have chosen to walk my own path and would like to voice a thought on this subject (not everyone will agree, and that's quite alright). While I agree that it's maybe not appropriate for these priests to be labeled as "hot" or "sexy", it was not my decision to make as to whether or not they were a part of this calendar project. I think they willingly participated and were probably well aware of the reactions that they would invoke. But I also think that some of the comments I have read thus far are downright disrespectful - some of the language would make your toes curl in shame. So what if the wrapping outside the soul is pretty? It's what is inside that counts. It just so happens that these men have an awful lot going for them - nice inside and out? Now THAT's the real attraction. I respect their choices - and personally, I thought it was refreshing to see younger men devoted to their faith.

You are a very astute individual.  Thank you for your eloquence here.

You must be ugly. 

Sounds like you're the one who's ugly.

Wheeewww! Seriously? Whitwhewww.

What the fuck!!!!!! calling these blessed people hot? it is just so disrespectful lol.......  why not fucking choose an appropriate word/s for the title before posting this shit.. HOT???   Fuck.... It's like you're saying these priests are open for sexxxxxxx.... grrrr/////... just don't like the word.

This is about beauty and people.  Relax.  Should we pretend they are not beautiful to the point of arousing?  Would that make you happy?  Should we ignore their appeal as human beings?  We, like they, are sexual human spiritual beings.  The church isn't promoting a hot sexy calendar.  They're simply saying, the beautiful men happen to be priests...could this be you?  Christ on a bike, I wish everyone would just chill out.

Hmm how 'bout f*ck?

The article said roman ORTHODOX priests these are not roman catholic priests. 

No. It said Hottest VATICAN priests so they are Catholic. It also happened to link to the Roman Orthodox Priest Calendar.

Granted it could have been made more clear, but I think you'll find you're incorrect.

Being that attractive and being celibate should be a sin

I agree!!! Share your blessings people!

Father, forgive me for I have sinned. One of my sins is having a crush on you. 

Forgive me father for I WILL sin! 

I will switch to being a Catholic now!

I like them a lot!!!

now I dont mind catholics if sre at touchers, I would not mind to be abused by any of them

So what now ??? .. Good looking single men where are thou ??? If not taken, they are gays or better yet they are now .. full pledged PRIESTS? Total HOPELESSNESS !!! Huhuhuhu

I'm single and good looking, and I'm still not dating you.

One thing I can't stand is conceit, looks are unimportant and who do you think you are, I wouldn't have you thrown at me if you were the last man on earth, and I know a GORGEOUS man anyway, so who would want you or any of these cheap priests.............not me.

Cheap priests? And you can't stand conceit.. Huh. smh

they aint even looking like a good guy hahaha

To be priest and to be good looking are indeed God's gift. Not all priests are gifted with such. Whether they are good looking or not doesn't matter; what really matter is that they are God's loving instruments of his love and grace to us. It's a creative idea to have special calendar for them... but why not inlcude the not-so-good-looking among them :)

When they do calendars of women, they only pick the best looking. So why shouldn't they just pick the best looking men.

They are the best inspiration of my faith!  Next to God, of course. :)

Good for them. they exist

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Beautiful men,  Priest or not , but a Calendar of hot Priest ? A bit contradicting to promoting silabacy in the Priesthood, don't you think?

They can't help it that they're blessed with good looks. It's the way people like you think that's the problem.

Celibacy.  Sorry, couldn't help it.  Also, the comment box has spellcheck...

Really felt tempted to correct that to salivacy. :)


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