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Verdict In For Accused Traitor Pfc. Bradley Manning

Pfc. Bradley Manning has been found "not guilty" of the charge of "aiding the enemy," the most serious charge that he's faced--and one that would have given him life in prison if convicted

Manning has been found "guilty" of "wantonly causing to be published intelligence on the Internet."

According to Fire Dog Lake reporter, Kevin Gosztola, who's in the courtroom: 

Charlie Savage of the New York Times is also in the courtroom and says:


Update: Manning has been convicted of 19 charges, including those he previously pleaded guilty to. Sentencing will occur on Wednesday.




How come when gov. officials lie to congress, cover up crimes, and do all manner of wrongdoing nothing happens? They keep their jobs and no one says a thing. Then when heroes like Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden expose war crimes and unconstitutional snooping, the same people get indignant and claim the US homeland is under assault? We all grew up wondering why German citizens did nothing under Hitlar's reign. Now we know.

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