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Video: 72-Year-Old Grandmother Pens And Performs Marriage Equality Love Song

We know who we're commissioning to perform at our wedding! (Stop laughing! It could happen!)

Sherri Gray, a 72-year-old Nashville, Tennessee grandmother, penned this sweet tune for her neice Shannon who's scheduled to marry her fiancée Lisa this summer.

The song, titled "(What If We Are) Just Like You?" is an ode to the marriage equality movement. 

Gray spoke with Gay Star News, saying: "I’m not an activist, but I get goddamn mad by narrow-mindedness and prejudice and crazy stuff.

"My belief is who are we to say what is a soul? What color, what gender, what nationality is a soul? How can we put a label on anybody?"

According to Gray, her niece and fiancée called the song the "best wedding gift ever" and asked her to perform it at their reception.

Gray said: "It’s not just for all LGBT people, as there are a heck of a lot of people who love folks who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

"We’re not all crazy, we’re not all nutjobs, and we don’t hate all LGBT people."


We love this!! Now we just have to decide whether Sherri will perform before or after Britney and Beyonce...


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