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Video: Activists Turn London Financial Building Into World's Tallest Penis

Well this is a new take on civil disobedience! 

Shift/Delete, a British activist group protesting the London financial sector, managed to transform the Gherkin Building--one of London's primary financial hubs--into a giant erect penis!

With the use of a neon light projection, Shift/Delete managed to project an image of a hand "pleasuring" the Gherkin building.  In an essence it's a commentary on the British government's continual gratification of corrupt bankers. 

Shift/Delete explains

"In response to this reality, we have turned the Gherkin into the worlds tallest dick – a 180m high erection for deregulation and global capitalism. We have created this art work for all those that are suffering cuts to budgets, public services, benefits, rights, libraries, freedoms and quality of life as Parliament perpetuates the age old practice of taxing the poor for the mistakes of the rich."

Think they get their point across?

Jerkin' the gherkin, indeed.


Image Source (H/T: Animal New York)