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Video: Beyonce Gets Pulled Off Stage By Shirtless Male Fan

An overzealous male fan in Sao Paulo, Brazil got a little too excited by the presence of Beyonce during her concert last night. He actually pulled the diva off stage, practically sending her head first into the crowd!!

So how did Beyonce handle it? Watch!

With love.

The New York Daily News writes

Meanwhile scores of security surround the man and fellow concert goers appear to rough him up for the inappropriate move.

Surprisingly, Beyoncé comes to his defense!

She tells her security that "it's okay," letting the man stay in the venue. She later asks him his name, then warmly tells him "I love you" before continuing on with her concert, as the crowd cheers.


Bey is a classy broad. How do you feel about the way Beyonce handled her admirer??