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Video: Brooklyn Artist's 84-Minute Gay 'First Kiss'

Well that 84 minutes flew by! Thankfully this landed on a Saturday when we have a bit more free time! 

Brooklyn artist, Idan Bitton, posted the following video "First Kiss," featuring an 84-minute kiss with fellow artist, Alfredo Calle Ferran.

Bitton explains on YouTube:

"While the camera is still, the kiss is in motion provoking the viewer to stay and watch. Idan and Alfredo do not interact with the viewer, but offer a peek into their intimate moments of commitment. This long lasting, present and unapologetic kiss defines our current gay rights momentum. We are here, we love each other, and this is what it looks like."

Bitton sent the video to Towleroad in an attempt to highlight the homophobia that cropped up as the video gained more popularity. He explains, "As the video started becoming popular, and surprisingly inspiring to viewers, it got flagged and age restricted on YouTube while other "straight" kissing videos are not. Some of them even have titles such as "How to Kiss Dirty" and such. 

I wanted to bring this to your attention in the hopes of raising the awareness to this issue..."

Well, Idan, we LOVE to raise awareness, so anytime you want to send over a kissing video, sex tape, or anything else of this activist nature--feel free! We're here!! We'll even send over some chap stick! 

We kid!

Enjoy, Instincters!






kissing is one thing, but these two look like they're about to devour each other.......  lol

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