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Video: Davey Wavey Goes Down Under With Aussie Diver Matthew Mitcham!

Davey Wavey (pictured, left) traveled down under to visit Australian Olympic gold medal-winning diver Matthew Mitcham (pictured, right) and surprisingly all he could talk about was British diver Tom Daley!

Love the one you're with Davey! (We get the Tom Daley infatuation, but the openly gay Matthew Mitcham is pretty damn adorable.)

Davey asked all of the important questions, namely: Has Matthew had sex while wearing his Olympic gold medal? Has he seen Tom Daley's bum?

Check out the video to get your answers to these burning questions!

So it seems likely that our little Tom Daley has a hairy bum! Do with that what you will, Instincters!

It sounds like Davey Wavey plans to make a return trip to Oz. Take us with you next time, Davey!!


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How very considerate of him to just talk about Tom Daley while with a gay Olympic Gold Medalist Matthew Mitcham.  #rude

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