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Video: Drag 'Diva' Gets Engaged On-Stage In Vegas!

We confess we watched this entire proposal wondering if "Divas Las Vegas" star Frank Marino was going to cry and mess up his makeup. We should've known better. Frank's a pro. 

The Vegas headliner was surprised with a proposal from SPI Entertainment VP Alex Schechter.

Watch it all unfold (and we're not just talking about Frank's gown):

According to the Las Vegas Sun:

It was a “yes” in what has to be the first same-sex marriage proposal ever onstage during a Strip show. Marino says he’s never heard of one, and he’s been a Las Vegas headliner for nearly 30 years, starting with his 24-year run as the star of “Evening at La Cage” at Riviera before moving to Imperial Palace — now The Quad — in 2010.


Congrats, Frank and Alex!


Image Source (H/T: Towleroad)


"Oh, you want me to marry you?  Right now?! (Without a pre-nup?) You get half?"


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