Video Of Drag Queen Elsa Helping Cop In A Blizzard Goes Viral!


With almost seven and a half billion people living on this planet, we shouldn't necessarily be surprised if any and all possible combinations of scenarios play out, and yet here I am. Surprised. Dazzled. Delighted. Given life on a silver platter. Why? Because footage of a drag queen Elsa from the movie Frozen helping a cop push a police wagon in a blizzard is going viral! Thank you world. Thank you Gay God. Thank you drag queen Elsa. 

The incident occurred outside of a bar in Boston’s South End, and the patrons can be heard cheering on Elsa as she braves yesterday's nor-easter in typical Elsa fashion. After all, the cold never bothered dis bich anyway!



Facebook user Christopher B. Haynes had enough foresight to capture the Disney magic, and as of now his video has over two million views. I can't help but notice that no one in the bar is helping Elsa out. It's like she's living in... a kingdom of isolation. Okay, check out the vid that's guaranteed to get you through this Wednesday!