Video Of Drunk And Disorderly Kit Harington Goes Viral!

Oh Snow he didn't! Jon Snow himself from Game of Thrones, Kit Harington, appears to have had about twelve drinks to many in a new video released by TMZ. The stunner was a long way from Westeros while hanging out at Barfly in NYC. Although he wasn't so much hanging out as he was barely conscious, and in the video we see that stars, they really are just like us! If we're binge drinkers. Which, I am. 

In the shaky footage, Harington seems to get into a disagreement with a man basically holding his drunk ass up, and after some slurred exchanges with other people around the pool table, and after being asked to leave, we see Harington get forcibly removed from the establishment. To his credit, Harington got through the ordeal without saying anything - audible at least - that he'll regret in the coming weeks. Thus breaking tradition with a long line of proud blind drunk celebrities. May we never forget Reese "I’m a US citizen" Witherspoon. An actress who vehemently supports her husband's drunk driving. But I digress. Hope you guys have a Kit Harington kind of night!



Looks like a hands fest to me. 

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