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Video: Ex-Gay Movement Debuts New Theme Song & Music Video

Yep. This is happening.  

Self-loathing (presumably ex-gay) Dennis Jernigan debuted his song "Rise Up" at Tuesday's "First Annual Ex-Gay Awareness Dinner."  The dinner followed Ex-Gay Pride Month Lobby Day, which managed to bring together a whopping 15 people. 

Jernigan's "Rise Up" was the winner of the "ex-gay theme song contest!" 

Give the tune from this ex-gay Liberace a listen!!

Rise, Lotus, rise!!!


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I got to the :35 mark, and I was like, "Nope. Can't take any more of this."

He and Lady Gaga should have a sing-off with "Born This Way". Ha!

-_-  Waaaay too 6 mins too long. Poor delusional soul. I was waiting for a bee to fly in his mouth out in the field.

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