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This Video Game Is Like The Gay Version of Saw

Are you craving a story that mixes gay men and gay culture with a good slasher plot? Well, while you wait for the movie B&B to come out, you can get your fix with Let’s Meat Adam.

Let’s Meat Adam is a video game that’s all about gay men, gay sex, mystery and a little gore on top.

The game follows the titular Adam, an Instagram celebrity and aspiring Hollywood actor. Adam lives the life of a young muscular gay man in his 20s who’s living life in L.A.

But one day, when he and his best friend Vince go to try out a secret escape room experience with seven other gay men, he discovers that they are all suddenly trapped in a masked murder’s, dubbed the Goatman, gory game that’s kind of like the Saw franchise.

Suddenly, they must solve puzzles, work together, and even betray each other to survive.



If you don’t know, a visual novel is a mix between a video game and a novel. The experience is mostly textual with you reading out the plot, but in addition there is artwork, music, and sometimes voice acting to add to the experience.

Plus, this game adds to the experience by adding puzzles. The player has to solve these puzzle rooms in order to ensure that Adam makes it out alive.

And, special choices are made during scenes that will affect not only Adam’s fate, but the fate of the other gay men as well.

And if that doesn’t entice you enough, the game also includes some sex scenes to bump up the mature warning. That plus the gore and strong language makes this a game only for adults.

With beautiful artwork, challenging puzzles, and a great message about the gay community, Let’s Meat Adam is definitely worth the low price.

If you are interested in playing, you can click here to buy it for free (or you can choose to support the creator by paying for the game).

Plus, you can click here to find a forum where others share their experiences and answers for how to win the game.