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Video: Gay Couple's 'Awkward Kiss' Bloopers!

Gay couple Ethan and Mark already showed you every adorable and hot awkward kiss they could think of--but what could be more adorable and hot awkward than awkward kissing bloopers?!



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Can you help me find my unused Canon Citibank MasterCard, my very first credit card that I had never used, when I gave it to a Chevrolet dealer, which never gave that credit card back to me?

That Dodge tornado-chaser, pictured on page 27 of How It Works, Issue 49, looks suspiciously like a spy vehicle, with that turret on top of it apparently housing a rotating IMAX camera. Is my unused Canon Citibank MasterCard anywhere inside that tornado-chasing TIV2? Where is that TIV2 right now?
In what California city is Centennial Mall, also in that same picture? Located behind that same mall might be a second TIV2, attached to which looks like a "wind-arrow," apparently just like another "wind-arrow" attached to that other TIV2, apparently parked near to it in an apparently adjacent restaurant's rear parking lot.

Are tornado-chasers spying on me with an IMAX camera and my unused credit card? A space-exploration rover, like NASA's Curiosity, pictured on page 54 of How It Works, Issue 49, possibly being tested near Death Valley, might be pointing its infrared laser beams and X-Ray detectors at a moon rock, possibly located right next to my own credit card right there inside that very TIV2 and also right at me while it tries to locate that same credit card's rightful owner, me! Did I swallow a similar kind of moon rock that a rover also might be locating inside my own body?

One time, I flipped over a Gremlin, which used to be made by Chrysler and Dodge, apparently the same brand of the inner workings of that TIV2, which has a California license plate number 8S31673. After that Gremlin flip, a certain police officer told me, "It won't stack up in a court of law."

You're probably thinking that my credit file would show that credit card's report. Actually, my credit file does not report anything about that particular credit card at all probably because I have never used that credit card and therefore have never been billed for it.

You're probably also thinking that my credit card would have become inactivated by now. Not necessarily, if someone is still punching in its account number into a phone's key pad in order to check its balance, albeit remaining zero, while Citibank, in such a case, probably would remain unaware of any of that same account's activity.

Year I flipped the Gremlin: 1982.
Year I got the Canon credit card: 1986.
Year I started getting spied on: 1986.
Year I turned down a government position: 1986.
Year I bought the Chevrolet: 1986.
Year I smashed the Chevette: 1986.
Year I gave the credit card to the Chevrolet dealer: 1986.
Year I got a Pentax: 1982-1986.

What do you think? Do you think my credit card might be funding IMAX theaters? Can someone please check to see whether or not my credit card might be inside a TIV2? Thank you!

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