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Video: Gay Liberal Candidate "Comes Out" To His Tea Party Dad

Blood is clearly thicker than water--and, in this case, politics--as shown by this really cute campaign ad from self-described gay Massachusetts liberal Carl Sciortino.

Sciortino has been state representative in Massachusetts since 2004 and he's now running in the Democratic primary to ultimately take a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. 

According to The New Civil Rights Movement, "He is a raging progressive, author of a bill that keeps abortion protesters from being able to accost clinic patients, and an outspoken proponent of raising the minimum wage. Rep. Sciordino has been reelected to his seat four times."

And his dad's in the Tea Party. Check out Sciortino's campaign ad, "Father's Son."



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The best political advertising I've seen in decades!  Bravo to both these men.  They should be proud of one-another (and, obviously, they are).

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