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Video: Homophobic TX Councilwoman Holds Press Conference 'My Beliefs, My Views Are Mine'

San Antonio Councilwoman still is offering no apologies for her anti-gay rant that was leaked last week. In fact, she seems pretty proud of herself.

Chan held a press conference today. Let's see what she had to say, shall we?? (Video link if necessary.)


Chan stated:

"I know that many people find the comments made in the meeting offensive. But again, it was a confidential meeting said in the privacy of my office where none of us are supposed to worry about what we say."


"My belief system is mine, and it does not mean I would like to impose those beliefs onto anyone else. Even though the LGBT community and I don't share the same views, I respect and support their personal freedom and right to their lifestyle. I will, however, not change my own views for political gain or survival (applause)."


Interesting that she starts her press conference with blame--no blame towards herself, of course, just blame for James Stevens, the staff member who leaked her comments. 

What do you think of her comments to the press, Instincters?


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She is certainly  entitled to her views and beliefs, but how would she feel about someone ranting against her as an Asian- American just because she was born that way? 

How can she claim that a work meeting is a private environment!!! Oh and she played the Pedophile card! Shame on her.

Maybe she is angry with the gays because we can get a man to lay with us, but her ugly ass can't...

Let's see how fair you will be ....

And there's that ignorant meme, "...their lifestyle...", the hate-filled, despicable republican'ts love to use so much! How about we discuss her Oriental 'lifestyle' and her choice to remain an ill-informed, pathetic, lying, blame-finding BITCH! Assume the fault of your vile commentary Missie and then we could perhaps begin a dialog. Until then you deserve every bit of disdain and ridicule you have earned with this ignorant, discriminatory commentary!

David you said it all. It's just an excuse for her 2 hate. Religion is the "Flu Virus" that stays in her lungs & in her head where she stays sick with ignorance. These types of people feel they are justified 2 hold bias towards this population because of their emotional attachments 2 an unenlightened writing projected as "God's Word." 

Even the Jews (by which the original damnation towards Homosexuals) are developing within their religious writings & starting 2C that was not ordained by God. The writings against Homosexuality were the personal bias of Moses at the time who was unenlightened on the topic, & projected onto his people Laws against it as Gods viewpoint on the matter & clearly it wasn't. 

She is an embarrassment for herself & her professional position. You can see the hate in her face. 

Ur an hateful ugly women.  Just remember where, your bread is buttered and where you came from.  You were yourself once marked, discriminated as an Asian like us all when we came to America.

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