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Video: Hung Celebs Advertise Mascara With Their Bulges

Well the ad is certainly eye-popping!

Male celebrities (??) including Simon Rex and Vinny from Jersey Shore showed up in this ad for Benefit cosmetics, which showcased their junk more than the mascara. Not that we're complaining.


Jezebel writes: According to Benefit and the "creative studio" that helped make the ad, the commercial is "intended to break the mold of the traditional beauty ad" by making mascara get "in-your-face gratuitous with your fave celebrity packages (wink, wink)." 

Think it'll have customers hooked, Instincters?


Image Source (H/T: Towleroad)


Totally unimpressive. This is a wannabe sexy straight ad. If gays had made it It would have been hot!

I think there may be a lot of gay men and drag queens running around with mascara on in the next few weeks! 

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