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Video: Ian McKellen On How Olympians Should Handle Russia's Anti-Gay Law

Sir Ian McKellen is speaking out on a proposed boycott of the Sochi Winter Olympics and Russia's anti-gay laws. See what has to say:

McKellen says: "The Olympics is a very special event and the people involved, of course, probably the climax of their lives. If we were to not hold the games because of the internal politics of the country in question, the problem is they would never take place. I mean people find enough to argue about in America's foreign policies... As a gay man it is absolutely appalling that this law has been passed which would inhibit me and any gay athletes that would go to Russia to be simply themselves, although the authorities have promised that no one will be arrested for being gay in the Olympic village. Once outside that environment...

"I would do almost anything possible to repeal it, but it isn't easy as a foreigner.

"I think what would be wonderful is if all the athletes, gay and straight, and the Olympic authorities were to make clear that they absolutely disapprove of it and they are going to ignore it, not because they don't care but because the spirit of the Olympics must take precedence."


(H/T: WSJ)