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Video: Jude Law Bares His Booty In New 'Dom Hemingway' Trailer

Apparently there's some sort of plot line in Jude Law's new movie Dom Hemingway, which debuted at the Toronto Film Festival. Something about a British safecracker who's back on the streets of London after serving some jail time?

We wouldn't know since we skipped straight to the 1:15 mark to get a glimpse of Jude Law's bare ass, but we're sure the movie's great. 

Take a peek at the UK trailer. (And yes, you can see Jude's booty at 1:15.)

Yep. We're sure the movie's amazing! Expertly crafted. Deep character exploration. Let us know!


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I hope you didn't miss his appearance in the Broadway production of Jean Cocteau's "Les Parents Terrible" retitled "Indiscretions" for the U.S.  His first appearance out of the show was as he comes out completely naked from a bathtub.  

So high energy.  Amazing stage performance.  Pre-Hollywood Jude.

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