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Video: Kristin Chenoweth Brings Audience Member On-Stage For Duet & She's A Voice Teacher!

We needed this today!! Kristin Chenoweth performed at the Hollywood Bowl this past Friday in Los Angeles and she brought audience member, Sarah Horn, on stage to perform a duet of the Wicked tune, "For Good." 

Much to Kristin's (and the audience's) surprise, Sarah Horn turned out to be a voice teacher and...well we'll let you see the rest!

Love it!!

Sarah Horn shares her experience in her own words with Broadway World. Here's an excerpt:

When she had planted me in my spot next to her, I remember bringing the microphone to my lips and breathily quivering, "I'm on stage with Kristin Chenoweth," still in complete shock. Insert audience laugh here.

She asked me if I did musical theatre and if I liked it, to which I said yes, and asked what I do for a living. I told her I was a voice teacher to which she responded by calling me a "real hero" and giving me a hug. She's got a strong, hearty hug for such a tiny person.

As the music started, she wrapped her arm around mine. I recognized at that moment that her incredible shortness matches her incredible friendliness so I responded in kind by briefly resting my head on top of hers to let her know I was with her. The audience found that moment endearing and laughed again.

When she was done with the first verse she said, "Still me!" so I'd know not to sing so I pressed my lips together and held my mic down like a good girl until it was my turn. As the time for Elphaba's verse came, I lifted my microphone to my mouth, looked her straight in the eye and sang the first of my lines. She leaned back and dropped her jaw. She knew I was a voice teacher but didn't know if I did well in the execution or not. As far as she knew, I could have been tone deaf.

I heard the roar of the crowd during that first line but then it all faded away. I think I've seen it done cinematically before but I never imagined my perception of a performance would appear like this. The 10,000+ people of the Bowl faded away. There was no one else there. No noise. No people. I could heard the beautiful music of the orchestra but there was no one onstage, just Kristin and I. I reached my hand out as I sang the word "friend" and she stepped forward and took it. There was such joy, elation, a spontaneous musical spark that we shared in that moment. It was unlike anything I have ever experienced.




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