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Video: Lady Gaga's 'Applause' Goes 'Wizard Of Oz' During GMA Performance!

Mother Monster made the trek to Emerald City this morning (which looks surprisingly like New York City!) for a Wizard Of Oz inspired performance of her single, "Applause" off of her upcoming album ARTPOP!

Gaga starts her Good Morning America performance as Dorothy singing "Over The Rainbow" and you can imagine the costume changes that go from there! Take a look!

She sat down for an interview with Robin Roberts and Lara Spencer after the performance.

So why The Wizard Of Oz motif?? Gaga explains how Dorothy's journey emulates her own, saying: "All of these outfits and wigs that I've been changing in over the years. This is my way of surviving. This is my way of getting to Oz to have all my dreams come true. Whatever we had to do to get past the evil monkeys and the Wicked Witch, Dorothy was able to transform in order to survive. By transforming into Glinda and then transforming at the end into the wizard who was just Dorothy herself, me."

What did you think of Gaga's performance, Instincters? Did it have you slipping on your ruby slippers?


Image Source (H/T: Towleroad)


beautiful version of over the rainbow but i'm not into the song applause. in fact, played back to back after somewhere over the rainbow, you realize just how unspectacular it is. lady gaga is quite overrated. she's got a good voice with nothing to say that really means anything.

Her response to the 8th grade role for Dorothy question was chopped and edited.  Glitch or deliberate?

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