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Video: Married 'Criminal Minds' Star Thomas Gibson Gets Catfished; Hot Tub Video Leaked

Uh oh! 

TMZ reports that this video of actor Thomas Gibson (who will always be Greg from Dharma & Greg to us) was leaked by a woman (is it a woman??) who spent two years exchanging sexy correspondence with him, but was sending out fake photos misrepresenting herself.


"Here's the full story: a woman contacted Gibson on Twitter roughly two years ago, using a photo of a scantily clad woman, and told Gibson she was a huge fan. Gibson took the bait.

The woman -- who refused to tell us her age or name -- is from North Dakota. She says she carried on a 2-year relationship with Gibson (who's married) exchanging multiple explicit  photos  and video with him, using images she stole from various pornographic websites (including

The result ... Gibson was smitten. Seriously, you have to watch the video, which he shot around Christmas last year in Utah. It's like the hot tub scene from Austin Powers.

The woman says she actually developed feelings for Gibson too, and everything was going well until a few months ago, when she got a letter from Gibson's lawyers demanding she cut off contact ... because Gibson had discovered her pics were fake.

Shocker ... she says she hasn't heard from Gibson since."

We wonder what else this scorned woman will be leaking to the press? Think things will take an Anthony Weiner turn??
There may be some light at the end of the tunnel though! Sources are also telling TMZ that Gibson and his wife are separated--so it's possible he wasn't doing anything wrong and was just duped by the wrong girl.
"Criminal Minds star Thomas Gibson wasn't pulling a fast one on his wife by conducting an online relationship with a shameless catfisher -- sources tell TMZ, the actor and his wife have been separated for years.

Sources close to the couple tell us, Gibson and his estranged wife Christine Gibson still live together for the sake of their children, but they've been separated for 2-and-a-half years ... six months before Thomas started messing around with one of his Twitter fans."

At least this means he gets to bypass the apologetic PEOPLE Magazine cover!

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