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Video: Medical Team Uses HIV Virus To Kill Cancer

This is astonishing, and frankly, we're surprised we're just hearing about it now. A University of Pennsylvania research team, led by Dr. Carl June, is reengineering the HIV virus to target and kill cancer cells. 

Take a look at this clip, titled Fire With Fire that showcases the team's treatment of 7-year-old patient Emma Whitehead. Emma has fought multiple battles with leukemia and this groundbreaking treatment was considered to be her last hope. 

While news of the, thus far, successful groundbreaking treatment apparently made the rounds earlier this year, we couldn't help but share this video with you guys. Who knew HIV would ever be a lifesaver? 

Science is cool, y'all.

Also, check out this interview with Fire With Fire filmmaker Ross Kauffman. 


Image Source (H/T: Upworthy)