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Video: Mister Cee Opens Up In Emotional Interview On His Attraction To Transgender Women

Mister Cee has come clean in a very emotional interview on Hot 97 regarding his various struggles with his "addiction" to prostitutes and his sexual experiences with transgender women. (That Cee is involved with transgender women has been a sticking point for many. Interesting that that's what he's being shamed for.)

Don't be intimidated by the 30 minute time frame. Mister Cee and Ebro Darden get into the gritty stuff REALLY quick. 

Cee says that he “loves women”, but occasionally gets the urge to “have fellatio with a transsexual — a man that looks like a woman.” 

Very interesting to hear a hip-hop legend baring his soul in this way--and kudos to Darden for giving him a non-judgmental, supportive forum AND for encouraging Cee to reconsider his resignation and come back to work. 

Powerful stuff. 


(H/T: Queerty)