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Video: New Underwear Line Lets 'Em Know Your Role Right On The Waistband

Those four seconds at Black Party when nobody knows your preferred sexual role will never be wasted again thanks to underwear brand Curb's new line.

Featuring waistbands that read "active," "bottom," or "versatile," the U.K. underwear maker's newest offerings get shown off in a sezzy new video that's more eye opening than our usual triple soy skinny vanilla!


Well done, B - you look great! M & C x

YIKES. He was sitting on a London Tube only in underwear. That takes guts.

Super power bottom!

and he is one hot (sexy) bottom... 

A truly banal & uninspired mind thought of this obvious & incredibly lame cash grabbing marketing scheme. What next? The price of your soul on a headband? TACKY!!! Any other ideas to cheapen the community even more CURB? Cheap,Unt.Really.Banal Ya?

Then don't buy them

They need one for you that says "Bitter old queen that is down to a cat and body pillow, so don't bother!" I'm sure the waist size for your kind will accommodate all the words.   

Wow. Can the gay community get any more shallow than it already is?  I think not.

If I had a body like that, I'd walk around the metro in just my underwear too. 

What is a black party!?!? :)

in europe, tops and bottoms are often referred to as active and passive (respectively).

Why "active"? What happened with "TOP"?!

Oh so what, being a "bottom" doesn't mean you're active??

Really ... last time I was fucked I was pretty "active"!

Then you ARE Versatile =P 

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