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Video: Pro-Prop. 8 Mormon Family Now Fights For Gay Son

Check out this trailer for the powerful documentary, Families Are Forever, that premiered at Frameline 37: the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival this past weekend. 

The film follows the journey of the Montgomery family, a California Mormon family that actively campaigned for the passage of Proposition 8—only to find out that their family included a gay son, Jordan.  So what happened next?

As described by ABC News:

Until about age 13, Jordan had been the "happiest, most exuberant child," according to his mother, but then he began to withdraw from friends and family. Looking for answers, she found an entry in his journal describing his attraction to other boys, though he had never acted on those urges.

The discovery shook his mother to the core.

"I felt like what I saw his life would be – what I expected his life to be – as a Mormon boy was now gone," she says in the video. "I saw him preparing for a mission for our church – gone. I saw a temple wedding – gone. I saw him being a father – gone."

Suddenly their son's conflict and depression made sense to the Montgomerys. But the church's view on homosexuality confused her: "God views it as a sin," she says in "Families Are Forever." "But I looked at a boy who had never done anything wrong, a pure innocent child, no way sinning or choosing this."

After leaving the family for several days, Montgomery said she and her husband, after saying a prayer, sat closely on their bed, and asked Jordan directly "Are you struggling?"

"I could feel him start to tremble and he nodded," says Montgomery. "We sat that way for two hours, and I hugged him and said, 'Jordan, this changes nothing. … You are perfect in our eyes. ... We will figure this out.'"


Families Are Forever was produced by the Family Acceptance Project at San Francisco State University. We can't wait to check out this doc!


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