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Video: San Francisco News Team Gets Punked; Names Asiana Airlines Crash Pilots 'Ho Lee Fuk' & More

Oof. Somebody made a big mistake over at San Francisco area FOX affiliate KTVU.

The network's news team provided the names of the pilots in the Asiana Airlines flight 214 crash and...well let's just say they got them wrong. 


They also read the names out loud on air so, ya know, there's that. Watch!

According to SFist:

KTVU 2 issued an apology and explanation for the muck up. The FOX affiliate claims that the names were "confirmed by an NTSB official" in the agency's Washington, D.C. office.

"We sincerely regret the error and took immediate action to apologize, both in the newscast where the mistake occurred, as well as on our website and social media sites," said Tom Raponi, KTVU/KICU Vice President & General Manager. "Nothing is more important to us than having the highest level of accuracy and integrity, and we are reviewing our procedures to ensure this type of error does not happen again."


You can't make this stuff up, folks. 




So what happened to this story after all? Did they take the video down? Torsten @ MightyTravels

FYI - the NTSB never gives out the names of the pilot smiley Holy Fuck.

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