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Video: Shirtless Masked French Homophobes Storm Beach In Protest

No these aren't gays off the coast of Fire Island. These masked, shirtless individuals are...wait for it...homophobic French anti-marriage equality demonstrators storming the beach of Montpellier in protest of the arrest of anti-gay demonstrator "Nicholas."

The group known as Honmen are apparently all male, always masked, and always shirtless. We think we know how this story ends. 

Watch their latest uber dramatic beach protest!



(H/T: Joe.My.God.  & Towleroad)



They don't want to show their ugly faces, but they do want to show their far-from-perfect bodies.  Where is the vomit button.

OK, usually I can, with a modicum of effort, figure out the "logic" of the French, when it comes to their humor and so on.  But not this time, nope.  This just looks stupid.  And the Sun Tzu quote at the beginning does not help at all.  Sorry, garcons.  You lost us.  

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