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Video: Todrick Hall Presents 'Cinderoncé'--Cinderella w/ A Beyoncé Spin!!

We have to admit, we were a little confused when saw that the ever-so-ridiculously talented Todrick Hall was giving us "Cinderoncé"--after all Todrick had already given us his showstopping "Cinderfella" so what ground was there left to cover?

Well, you'll have to forgive us for doubting him, because "Cinderoncé" is basically everything! 

Cinderella contextualized via Beyoncé songs?? Yes, please! (Plus, Shangela's here?! Halleloo!!)


Don't worry, Todrick--we won't doubt you again! And we think Bey would approve!!

What do you think, Instincters? Are you loving Todrick Hall's spin on Cinderella with an assist (in spirit) from Mrs. Carter??


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