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Video: WGN News Hangs Up On Oprah--And Kinda Talks Smack??

Okay, we get it. On-air snafus happen. But when you're interviewing OPRAH, you get it together. 

More importantly, if you're still on air (as opposed to cutting to the weather or something), it's best to err on the side of deference to THE OPRAH rather than joking about her "babbling" about the OWN network. 

We'd never do that to you, O! Want to sit down for an interview??

Watch how the WGN team handled their technical difficulties with Mother Oprah:

We'd encourage the whole team to say a few Hail Marys (Hail Oprahs??) and light some sage. Whatever penance it takes to get back in Oprah's good graces!

She may just buy your network and send you home--assuming she hasn't had your house demolished and turned into her own private parking lot because she can. 

Because she's Oprah.


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I like this group... the show is hilarious- even if unintentionally.

What a car wreck of a show...

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