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Video: Willam Serves The 'Drag Queen Glossary' With Davey Wavey

We can't think of a better way to usher in the weekend (or continue it for those of you that have the day off) than a little education courtesy of one Miss Willam Belli. 

Willam joins Davey Wavey and serves up some knowledge regarding drag queen slang. 

From "throwing shade, " to "spilling the T," to being "fishy,"  Willam's about to edumuhcate us with her Drag Queen Glossary! 

Love it! Any other drag queen terms you need defined, Instincters?

And here's a sexy photo of Davey for good measure. What?!


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Hunty, you need to start learning the correct way to throw shade if you are going give all the T.


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