Video Of Woman Secretly Recorded Dancing At Bus Stop Goes Viral

In a bit of uplifting news for the week, a woman secretly recorded while dancing at a bus stop has been offered a theater role since the video took the Internet by storm. 

Her dance moves (to a nearby soundtrack of Alesha Dixon's "Knock Down") may be simple, but it's the joy and uninhibited freedom to enjoy herself that has left millions inspired. 

The Telegraph reports:

Secretary Ellie Cole, 35, became an overnight hit when millions watched footage of her dancing on the pavement on her way home from work.


But her three minutes of fame have led to Miss Cole being invited to take part in the performance of play AH Men at The Point Theatre in Eastleigh after the writer saw her video by chance.


Lynne Paris, writer and director of the show, said she always looked to try and include local performers and by chance came across the video of Miss Cole’s a few weeks before.

She said: "My son saw the video and he said 'you've got to see this mum, she's just like you'. Wherever I am, if there's music I find myself jigging along to it.

"I think anybody who likes music could identify with it."

"I'm just a normal everyday person who happens to like dancing at bus stops. Still to this day I find it hard to believe what happened with the video," Ellie told the publication. "It's like 'wow, why me?'."