Vile Anti-Gay 'Child Abuse' Poster Sparks Outrage In Australia

As you likely know, Australia's vote on same-sex marriage is fast approaching

Which is all the more reason a recently circulated poster is causing such outrage throughout the country. 

The poster depicts a child sitting, tucked inward, with two fists holding rainbow colored belts dangling on either side.

Spotted in Melbourne, the poster reads, "Stop the fags," in bold white text. 

If that weren't terrible enough, the poster also spreads lies in the form of conjured up statistics. 

It reads:

“92% of children raised by gay parents are abused

"51% have depression

"72% are obese."

According to reports, the poster was originally shared as an image on a Nazi website, and has since been printed and posted in the Heffernan Lane area in Melbourne. 

Australian Labor leader Bill Shorten responded to the poster saying,

“Labor opposed this postal survey because we feared exactly this kind of hurtful filth would emerge.

“This kind of garbage isn’t ‘debate’, it’s abuse.

“I’m so sorry that LGBTI Australians have to put up with it. Let’s make sure there’s an overwhelming ‘Yes’ vote in response.”