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Vintage Univ. Of Wis. Handout Goes Viral: When You Meet A Lesbian -- Hints For The Heterosexual Woman

How times have changed!

A handout from a 1988 Women's Studies course at the University of Wisconsin-Madison helps straight women handle their very first meeting with a lesbian with grace (i.e. not running out of the room screaming, apparently). 

Click the pic to embiggen, but some of our favorite morsels of advice dispensed in the handout include:

  • If you must back away, do so slowly and with discretion
  • Do not assume you and she cannot be friends. Do not assume you can. 
  • Do not expect her to be as excited about meeting a heterosexual as you may be about meeting a lesbian. 

The instructor also asks students to experiment by pretending to be a lesbian for 24 hours.

Glad those students of '88 were well prepared to meet the gays in the real world after this course!

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I particularly like #10.  There was a video circulating all over the place that basically asked the exact same question of a host of straight folks & had them (mostly) speechless.  It's a variation on my favorite question to ask 'phobes . . . when the rare opportunity presents itself.  

Add to the list:

"Do not ask, 'Do you like to play the man or the woman?'  This must be just as offensive to lesbians as it is to gay men.  Our lives are not simulacra of yours.  The roles do not apply.  

This handout was clearly meant to be a joke.  Are people so stupid now they can't spot one?

It is wry, but it is not a joke.  Even now, it is astounding how ignorant heterosexuals are about us.  I understand they may not want to, but if you are going to interact with gay people, at least try to learn something about us.

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