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Viral Sensation Takes On Miley's 'Wrecking Ball' On Chatroulette!

He came in like a wrecking ball...

We didn't realize people were still making "Wrecking Ball" parodies--if anything, we thought we'd all moved on to "Bound 2" (thanks James Franco and Seth Rogen!). 

However, it looks like viral sensation Steve Kardynal has one more to add to the fray and it's kind of a doozy. 

Miley's "Wrecking Ball" meets Chatroulette, guys. Get into it!

We're legitimately impressed that he managed to set up a wrecking ball in his living room. 


Image Source (H/T: Gaily Grind)


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lol........i can't stop interesting.

That was awesome!!

I'm with Mike about the sexiness!!!

I loved this guy when he did the Call Me Maybe Chatroulette. 

Omg muwahaha hahaa.

hes kind of sexy though. That butch long shaggy hair, beard, mustache, twinky body and fem moves. Lipstick was the cherry on top.  Is it strange that I'm incredibly aroused and attracted  to this guy? Id be his bf. 

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