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Virginia State High School Tennis Champ Comes Out

Virginia AA State High School Tennis Champion Mikey Drougas has come out as gay in an inspired message posted to friends and fans on Twitter. According to Drougas, he hasn't received a single negative response since coming out last week.

"I guess I don't really know how to start this note," Mikey wrote. "Not really even sure why I am writing it to you all. Whatever the motivation, I'm so blessed to say what I am about to on my own terms."

"Not fitting stereotypes is nice sometimes," he continued. "I have been able to avoid a lot of ignorant bullshit growing up. I'm very lucky in that respect. Maybe I feel an obligation to speak up and not stay in the shadows anymore or maybe it's because I am starting to feel comfortable in my own skin. Never in my life have I ever felt truly open or free, through this note I see liberation at the end of the tunnel. That's dope. I wouldn't be the person I am now without the angels who heard my story two years ago and accepted me for who I am. You are always with me as a friendly reminder that it does indeed get better even when darkness is all I see."

Congrats, Mikey!

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