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Voguers Take Over The Subway In 'Voguing Train' Dance Video!

​Well, this was a perfect start to our Monday! 

Director and choreographer Kemar Jewel showcases a group of talented voguers in his new video "Vogueing Train" set in a Philadelphia SEPTA subway station! 

There are death drops for days. (And a remarkably clean subway!) 

Along with Jewel the dancers include Christopher Dash, Hayden Jones, Keisha Lewis, Robert Otis, Davon Smith, and Ibrahim Vicks.

Kemar Jewel says, "When you mix elements of the ballroom scene with performance art, there is always magic to be made."

​We'd agree!! We want to ride the Voguing Train!!


(H/T: NNNext)


You can go to any gay bar at 4am and see young drunken queens do this. Who needs a dirty subway?

This is not VOGUEING!

As for child of the Ballrooms in Chicago, Toronto, and Montreal Voguing was about designers, style, it was about the movement and blazing new trails for gay men in the areas of individualism, dance, street expressionism, fashion and culture. I love all these younger, warmed over pieces of cornbread who believe they can imitate the Houses of Extravaganza, Dupree, and YSL from back in the day! Honey, MY HOUSE EARNED our place on the runway "The Style Council" by looking, dressing and being the part. When we went down that runway we were wearing Vivienne Westwood, YSL, Chanel, Fendi, Patrick Kelly, and Lagerfeld couture. Not The Gap, Old Gravy (aka Navy), or H&M. You are not flattering the legacy we left for you by doing your discount, 80% off clearance, I just got my stuff off Target layaway, voguing for attention. Children puhlease! 

Voguing was not only a form of dance but a lifestyle. THE POINT OF VOGUING IS TO LOOK LIKE A LIVING PAGE OUT OF VOGUE MAGAZINE! NOT HOT GHETTO MESS QUARTERLY! Really? That is voguing?! Child sit down before you hurt something! We were judged on our overall look and attitude. Are you "Vogue" enough?! Voguing was subculture within gay culture that ruled and took care of it's own! Why do you think Madonna wanted a piece of it and ripped off Malcom McLaren's underground find? Yes children, Madonna ripped off McLaren not the other way around. 

What it wasn't was this kind of bad dancing, lack of style, lack of taste and arrogance about self importance. If you thought you were FIERCE you earned that right in the Ballroom with other houses judging you. You did not Vogue for entertainment unless you wanted to prove a point. I hate say this, but these young "queens" don't get it and probably can't spell "extravaganza". 

Coming from the lights, screams and "reading fits" of the "balls" in Chicago where the late Frankie Knuckles was spinning our runway music (yes my My generation of voguers taught the "supermodels" how work a runway (yes the supermodels e.g. Cindy, Linda, Naomi, before they were house hold names came to our balls children) it disgusts me to my very core that these hot messes are trying to compare their broke-down moves to all the children of the balls; remaining and succumbed to AIDS!

As we said at the balls, "Earn your place child! Prove you are fierce or watch and learn!" These Romper Room drop outs are what we called "too amateur" to share the runway. Keep practicing children, one day you'll get it right! 


With this much to say....I hope you currently active in ballroom. You can provide no good excuse to NOT be active NOW. Personally, I think you missed the Evolution.

WTF did i just watch! My Time! I can never have it back now!

Voguers in the 90's were way more talented. This looks like a bunch of bouncing around and swinging arms. Not one contortionist in the group??

That was revolting. Where's a bucket of marbles when you need them? 

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