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'The Voice' Reveals CeeLo Green's Replacement!

​Guess who's replacing CeeLo Green on The Voice?!

It's Pharrell Williams!!

Pharrell posted on his Facebook page: "Excited to be joining The Voice as a new coach next season"

​We can't think of a male on the music scene right now who's a better fit to sit in the coach's chair!!

Are you "happy" with the choice, Instincters?


I love Pharrell.  Just sayin'.

He can't even sing smh. No one will pick him this sucks. He makes good beats but is no singer they just picked him to get on my nerves! !

They better keep Xtina now that CeeLo is gone. 

Pharrell is a joke!!

Pharrell is a "DOUCHE" I won't be watching.

This is not a joke.  CeeLo JUST left.  He and Usher trade off seasons.  CeeLo will no longer be coming back at all.  

Is this a joke?? CeeLo left like....a while ago. Hes not even a judge anymore. Obviously this mag. is not up to date on the world smh

He didn't officially leave until recently, as a matter of fact. He went on another one-season hiatus with the intention of returning (as before). Then recently, he announced that he would not be returning from the hiatus after all.

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