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Walmart Comes Out In Support Of LGBT Pride

Walmart won't be left behind in the dust, it seems. The massive retailer has joined other companies its size by coming out in support of LGBT Pride.

Walmart's gay moment is a little subtler than its colleagues'; an ad appearing in the NY Pride Guide reveals that "Walmart honors the contributions of the LGBT community and proudly supports New York Pride." 

Thanks, Walmart!

But where are anti-gay activists going to shop now that Walmart has to be added to their list of companies to boycott? 

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 I think the "Duck Dynasty" stuff is very humerous! I know - I've bought 1 tee shirt. No, that's it, just one, ha ha. every one Wal-Mart is a BUSINESS! NOT a church. Or a "pro family" front, they should be open to all diversity!

Wal Mart is a business. There is nothing anti gay about "Duck Dynasty" Its just products to seel to make money. Just as Wal-Mart sells pro gay agenda books online. When IS AMERICA going to seperate CHURCH from state???!!! American corporations need to KEEP RELIGION out of there business's - or just SUPPORT families, support gays, support it all. What wrong with that???!!! And they need to be inclusive of any religion, Like The big three and Paganism etc, Celtic stuff. Not just support and single out any one only religion!

I will believe that Wal-mart supports workplace diversity when they start offering benefits to same-sex couples.

They already do.

The do. I hate uneducated comments. Do your research first..... #ThankYou

So when are they going to stop carrying Duck Dynasty merch.?

Write back when that appears in Mississippi

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