Wardrobe Malfunction Won't Stop 'Australian Survivor' Hunk

A handsome hunk was not going to let a wardrobe malfunction keep him from kicking ass in a challenge on Australian Survivor.

Locky, who has stunning good looks, ended up losing his shorts during a slip and slide challenge.

His competitor Mark (who is also quite handsome) saw that Locky was gaining the lead, and determined to take him down, grabbed onto his rival's shorts.

And of course, since the lads were soaking wet, the trunks slid right off.

On a morning talk show, 27-year-old Locky spilled a few more deets:

I'm non-circumcised. so I took a bit of that sand back to the tribe.

He added:

Most people don't know me, back in Perth I'm normally always nude. It was the winning point, a bit of nudity wasn't going to stop me.

Excuse us while we drop everything to move to Australia...


Locky bares it all for Samatau in the cheekiest challenge ever #SurvivorAU

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