Warwick Rowers Bare Forbidden Fruit For 2018 Charity Calendar

Like many of you, we have a tremendous amount of love for the Warwick Rowers. And with the year quickly drawing to a close, the handsome British lads are back, with their 8th charity calendar.

Not only do the rowers love their gay fans, they're also helping to challenge masculine stereotypes, and to help make sports more inclusive.

Warwick Rower Lucas Etienne tells Gay Star News:

"There is still a perception among gay people that team sport isn’t for them, or that they won’t be welcomed by straight people.

‘We need to make sure team sports welcome people of all sexualities, and that homophobia is banished from sports at every level."

WR18 Crowdfunder from Low Fat Media on Vimeo.

LGBT activist Angus Malcolm, who producers the Warwick Rowers calendar, has the rare privilege of seeing the handsome lads pose stark naked, each year.

He says:

"For the first few minutes everyone feels strange, but then it seems entirely natural. After a few days, they don’t bother putting clothes on between takes.

"The rowers’ attitudes to people of other cultures and sexualities have always been great, but every year they’re more open, understanding and welcoming of diversity."

Etienne respoonding to the love he and his teammates get from the gay community, tells Gay Star News:

"As Warwick Rowers, we’ve always welcomed our gay fans and wouldn’t be where we are today without them."

Learn more about the Warwick Rowers and their fundraising efforts by clicking HERE.


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H/T: Gay Star News