Was Naked Crossfit A Hoax?!

We hope we can get a refund for our membership at Crossfit gym Spartan Mentality (not to mention our plane tickets to Denmark!)!!

Fresh off of yesterday's news that an Arhaus, Denmark Crossfit gym was offering all-nude workouts (with photos to prove it!), reps for the gym are now claiming that it was all a hoax--or more accurately an April Fool's joke!

God giveth and taketh away!!!

From The Copenhagen Post:

Nude crossfit was an April Fool's joke that ran a little too far, explains Rune Jensen, the co-owner and an instructor at Spartan Mentality Crossfit in Aarhus.

"It started out as an April Fool’s joke that got too much attention," he said.

"We then actually decided to start up the nude sessions, but in the end there was too much media focus on us. It all got a little too comical and we changed our minds. I have no idea how the story went viral."

The April Fool's story also said that exercises included the kettlebell – a cast-iron ball with a handle that you swing up above your head and back down between your legs – as well as rope-climbing (but watch out for that rope burn!).  

All this says to us is that for at least a day, Spartan Mentality reached the peak of workout setting perfection and then gave up! Thankfully, they committed to the joke long enough to take photos.

Hoax or not, we're still going to push for this to make its way to the U.S.!

We won't rest until every (Crossfit) wod is naked!! 

(H/T: Outsports

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