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Was This Photo Too Hot For Facebook?

Facebook caused a stir this week after removing a photo of gay porn star Jesse Jackman kissing his husband Dirk Caber. 

As you can see, the photo captures the men from their shoulders up. Nothing too racy about that, right?

Facebook initially claimed in a message to Jackman that his photo "violated community standards" before temporarily freezing his account. 

We assume those complaining about these supposed community standards were also the ones sending Jackman hate mail; he writes:

I received multiple public death threats after posting this photo, endured countless homophobic slurs, and received dozens upon dozens of hate-filled messages, and yet Facebook did nothing about those disgusting comments, choosing to censor love instead of hate… This is a travesty. Hate must not be allowed to prevail in this world.

Following Jackman's complaints (and subsequent internet uproar) his profile was reactivated and the picture is back up. For its part, Facebook hasn't issued a comment. 

Not everyone's pleased though, as evidenced by the #FacebookKissOff hashtag that's making the rounds on Twitter. 

Does Facebook owe Jackman an apology??


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IF we have to see straight kisses... you have to let gay kisses on too. Although, I personally don't mind either. Love is a Beautiful gift that not everyone gets the pleasure of having. I believe love should be apprectiated and accepted for all people, no matter sex, color, ethnicity or sexual orientation. As long it's consenting and adult it's all good.

Yes, I think they should. It is just a kiss between two very handsome men who love each other. I'm so glad I left Facebook. If that was a heterosexual couple, I don't think that FB would say anything, and I think that is such a load of crap.

Double standard. This is a great picture..FB needs to lead not follow the narrow bigots. They FB should to them an every gay person!!

Yes, they do. I've seen racier photos from heterosexual teenagers on Facebook! Word.

FB wins an apology to them and all of us ... I'm sure if would be a male female kissing the story would it be different.

It's a kiss.... The soldier who bf jump in his arms n kiss him when he came home from tour. That was all over FB..... So I see why take this photo off.... What are they to old to be kissing ?

Yes, FB owes Mr Jackman an apology, but don't expect it any time soon!!!

Wish u two a happy life . Who cares what others think it's ur happiness   .... 

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