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Washington State Same-Sex Couples In Domestic Partnerships Are Now Married!

​Domestic partnerships between same-sex partners in Washington-state automatically became legal marriages on June 30. 

Some 3,600 same-sex couples were effected today as their domestic partnerships converted automatically to marriages as part of the final piece of Washington's same-sex marriage law which was voted upon in 2012. 

According to the Seattle Times

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray said domestic partnership was always seen as short-term relief and not full equality.

“There will be no second-class recognition of gay and lesbian relationships,” Murray said Friday. “There will be marriage.”

The marriage certificates will reflect two dates: the date of the marriage and the date the couple registered their domestic partnership.

The Secretary of State’s Office sent out two letters over the past six months to couples registered in domestic partnerships. Even though the office is overseeing the changes, the Washington State Department of Health is handling all conversions.

Interestingly, some Washington couples may not be aware that they're now legally married. 

As the Times notes:

There may be people who registered as domestic partners but broke up years ago and who are now married illegally to other people.

Some may be former Washington residents now living in other states where partnerships aren’t recognized and dissolution isn’t possible.

“We can fix anything,” said Holloway, who is also a divorce and family-law attorney. “It’s the folks that don’t know this is happening that need help.”

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