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Watch: LGBTQ Koreans Talk About Gay Love & Bullying to An Elementary Schoolboy

Today, I went down the rabbit hole of Youtube and found… a nice surprise.

Every now and then we may watch a video, click on a recommended video, and end up on a part of Youtube that we don’t visit too often. That’s what happened to me.

One moment I was watching cooking videos, then tasting videos, then tasting videos from South Korea, and then suddenly I found the treasure of a video down below.

In it, we're taken to a studio that seems to be like a Buzzfeed of Korea (in that they make a variety of videos like tastings and “what’s it like to be ____” videos).

And in this particular video, we see a few LGBTQ+ South Koreans talking to a elementary aged boy about issues like dating, confessing, and bullying.

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What’s refreshing about this video, other than getting a taste of a culture outside of my Western/American perspective, is to see these older people talking delicately but earnestly about falling in love and about same-sex love.

The video is very somber with three women and one man responding to the boy’s questions. Questions like, “What is love,” “Shouldn’t love be between a man and a woman,” and “Don’t they tease you?”

It’s conversations like this that make adults squirm as they don’t know how to gently talk about love, and specifically LGBTQ+, love to young kids. But, projects like the video below, Ryan Benee’s “In the Dark,” and Beth David and Estaban Bravo’s “In a Heartbeat” are showing that younger viewers are fully capable of understanding love in all forms.

So, without chewing your ear off (or rather, eyes) anymore, check out the video down below.