Watch Megan Mullally Mess With Boys On Tinder

Screenshot via Facebook

We’ve all had those funny (and sometimes frustrating) stories of people messing with us on dating apps, but most of us haven’t been lucky enough to have a celeb do it.

As many of us are raving over the premiere of the new “Will & Grace” reboot, the stars of the show are out doing their best to promote it.

Debra Messing is doing her part by being on the justified side of the Megyn Kelly situation, and Megan Mullally is making us laugh by messing with straight boys on Tinder.

In the segment for Vanity Fair, Mullally takes over one of their employee’s Tinder accounts and goes to town with dirty jokes and bad misdirects.

You almost feel bad for the guys who are the butt of her jokes, but once they got informed of the situation I’m sure they felt lucky to be a part of it.

Now, if only Vanity Fair would do a gay version of this segment.