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WATCH: New Zealand Rugby Players Perform Shirtless Dance In Rain

We had no idea that rugby matches included shirtless show-stopping dance performances. We've got to get into it!

After defeating England by 26 - 7 on Sunday, the New Zealand All Blacks stripped their jerseys and performed a traditional Haka Dance in the rain. The dance originates with the country's indigenous Maori people (with which many of the teams' players identify) and is traditionally performed ahead of the match. But the All Blacks pulled out the spectacle as a shirtless victory celebration instead, giving us, in turn, many things to celebrate as well. Could this be any more cinematic?

Head to Bleacher Report for a high def video of the performance.

(h/t: Joe)


Wowza! Can I please be their water boy? :)


I know it's a war chant...but does anyone else find all those hunky men going the haka a major turn on?

I was just thinking that I'd rather be on their side - whatever battle they were going into - and then thought, in fact I'd love to be by their side even in peace....  

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