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Watch These Guys Do Their Heel-Stomping 'Werk' Out

We all have those anthems that take us from our normal work selves into a strutting, sashaying supermodel when we hit the treadmill. We need that music to get our blood pumpin'. For me, if Beyonce, Madonna, or Robin pop up on my playlist--you better believe my incline is going up and I'm pressing on that speed button. BOOM! Instant Iman!




There's a perfect example of this making its presence in our feeds that will put all the heel-wearing divas to shame.

The self-proclaimed 'Queen Bee of the Houston Ballet' Harper Watters released a stomp-it-to-the-death video on Instagram that is making people sweat at the gym! The video shows Watters and friend Rhys Kosakowski getting to 'werk' on a couple of treadmills to Fergie's Fergalicious (talk about a Throwback Thursday!)

If you haven't seen it, take a look here and try not to break a sweat:



so delicious with @rhyskosakowski #themfpreshow

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It's obvious that these two are the best of friends.



name a more iconic duo @rhyskosakowski @lukeaustinphoto

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And in case you feel a little threatened, don't worry--the process to make this video was hard work. Check out what it took to be in this choreographed video:



You can view many of Harper Watters' videos on his YouTube Channel.